TRON PB TrailRunning belt


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Running belt that helps you to carry comfortably all you need while trailrunning. Ideal to store keys, cards, phones, gels, liquids, etc.

Tubular design, the compression of the belt secures carrying your items in place without bouncing as you run. Very elastic garment achieving a sufficient adjustment without oppression.

Divided in four compartments of different sizes along its perimeter. It includes two reflective bands in front for your safety during night running.

It has elastic tapes at the back where you can hang your poles. These tapes give enough pressure so that the poles do not bounce in excess during your run, getting them to stay in place. You can also hang your race bib on the front.

Recommended to use with poles folded minimum 33 cm.

Made with seamless technology, so we minimized side seams in the garment and internal tags, to avoid annoying friction in use.
Reference 25318
Pockets 4
Width 9 cm
Activity Trailrunning
Composition 75% Polyester, 20% Elastane, 5% Polipropilene
Sizes S-M, M-L
Weight 80 gr
User Unisex
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