We believe in people who challenge themselves,
who follow their dreams,
who don’t give up when things get harder.

WONG shares this passion. Passion for sport,
for finding the balance between motivation and effort,
for developing the best garment to increase your performance.



We have more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing the best knitted garments, especially those in direct contact with the skin. Our goal is to develop technical sportswear that provide the right balance of comfort and compression, and facilitate the improvement of your performance.

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in our headquarters in Barcelona (EU) where we have the best professionals, equipment and infrastructure to face the necessary production with flexibility, speed and quality. To guarantee the best price and service, we sell our products in our online shop.



We develop our garments using the best technical fibers in the market. Most of them are manufactured with a combination of double weft fabric, combining Polypropylene and Polyamide yarns. This provides the optimal properties for breathability, temperature maintenance and sweat evacuation. Polypropylene is also an antibacterial, antiallergic fiber, and that inhibits body odor.

The combination with elastic yarns provides in some of our garments a compression feature, so you will feel them well suited around your body. That will improve your blood flow during exercise and facilitate your recovery, improving your athletic performance.



Our garments are manufactured with seamless technology, minimizing all side seams to avoid friction in the prolonged use. This technology also allows us to provide different points of tension in the fabric depending on the area of the body that needs more compression, or make frames and special channels to optimize the transmission and evacuation of sweat.

We keep doing research to improve each of our products with the aim of offering technical garment that makes a difference in your athletic performance.



We know how important is every step of the productive process, that’s the reason we empower everyone who’s involved and we commit with all our employees and suppliers.

We’re part of the society and we take part actively in its improvement and development, always giving the chance to local creation and production, and collaborating with non-profit organisations.

Josep Carreras Foundation against Leukemia


Remember as our garments are made with special technical fibers, you can wash them in the washing machine at low temperature, but don’t forget that you shouldn’t use the dryer or iron them. So they will last and maintain all its properties.

Low temperatureNo dryerNo ironing

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