#07 | Confirmed races in Spain 2022

After difficult moments where most of the races had to be postponed or even cancelled due to Covid-19, the upcoming year seems like an ideal period to go back to the events every runner looks forward to.

In this article, we have collected some of the races in Spain that have already been confirmed for 2022. Take note of the following list:


23rd January 2022

La Llanera Trail - Sabadell

If you are into Trail Running and live near Barcelona, we highly recommend you to go to La Llanera Trail 2022. There's a short path of 13 km, a half-marathon and a marathon. It starts and finishes in Sabadell city centre. However, it goes through unique pathways from the Vallès region.

6th February 2022

Murcia Marathon - Murcia

With registrations already open, Murcia is going to host a very special marathon that will take place within the streets of the city. During the same day, there's also gonna be a half-marathon and a 10-kilometres race. In addition, under-18 kids can run a "Mini-Marathon" the day before.

20th February 2022

Zurich Sevilla Marathon - Sevilla

A pleasant race in one of the most charming cities of the South of Spain. This marathon is known for being fast. And it really is. Its path is simple and flat, which means it can be a great opportunity for you to get a new personal best mark. Some emblematic buildings such as La Giralda, Plaza de España or La Maestranza will be seen during the race. Furthermore, the marathon's website lets you download training plans and other recommendations for free.

6th March 2022

Transgrancanaria - Gran Canaria

This well-known Trail Running event will celebrate its 20th birthday in 2022. We are talking about a "must" for any passionate about mountain runs. The new path will be the same as in 2021. On Friday evening the Classic modality will start, and on Saturday the Advanced (65km), the Marathon, the Starter (30km), the Promo, the Youth and Family Trans (17km) will take place.

6th March 2022

Bilbao Marathon - Bilbao

Bilbao's marathon is another ideal race to seek your record time due to its plain path. The finish will be found next to the Guggenheim museum and the marathon will be full of moments with amazing landscapes and buildings. The race bibs will be picked up in the Show Run in the Runner's Fest on Friday and Saturday.

9th April 2022

Ibiza Marathon - Ibiza

We can't think of better ways to welcome the Spring season than running in Ibiza, an event with an excellent organization. The marathon will start next to the Port Esportiu Marina de Botafoc and will finish in Santa Eulàlia des Riu. There are also 12km and 20km races and a special one called "Relay 21k + 21k", where the registration must be done by groups of two people.

9th April 2022

Los 102 de la Comarca - Toledo

In Toledo province there will be a unique event. The goal: being a finisher of the 102 km. There's a modality where the people only run the first 51 km, another one where people only go through the last 51 km. And the big one of 102 km. The latter can be done in a maximum of 24 hours. The start will be in Torrico and the race finishes in Lagartera.

24th April 2022

Madrid Marathon - Madrid

The capital will host one of the most international races (near 10,000 participants are foreigners every year), which is part of the Rock 'n' Roll Running Series. There will be a 10km path, one for half-marathoners and the marathon. It's one of the most exciting weekends because of the atmosphere all around the city. The 2021 edition will be the 44th, which will have the finish next to Retiro Park.

6th May 2022

Iruñea-Donostia Basque Ultra Trail Series - Navarra

On Friday the 6th of May at 10 p.m. the starting gun will fire in one of the most impressive Trails of the country. This edition will have almost 7,000 meters of positive elevation and will start in Antsoain and finish in Donostia. There will be some provisions stations and the highest point of the race will be found at the Ireber mountain (1208 m above sea level).

14/15th May 2022

Ultra Trail Muntanyes Costa Daurada - Tarragona

One of the most charming trail routes in Catalonia. You can pick the Stage Run modality: 65km on Saturday and 22k Trail on Sunday. On Sunday there will be 2 short distance races, 11k and 22k. Also, this year you can run the Marathon distance (42k).

8th May 2022

Zurich Barcelona Marathon - Barcelona

Magic and familiar. This is how the Barcelona Marathon describes itself. It has a urban path within the cosmopolitan city. You better don’t miss this race since most of the athletes who have been there repeat year after year.

15th May 2022

Cap de Creus Trail - Roses

Running surrounded by these unique landscapes from Cap de Creus (north Catalonia) is a very special and exciting experience. Near the mediterranean sea, cliffs and rocks around, this trail offers the possibility to pick between Express modality, Trail or Marathon.

11th June 2022

Benasque Mountains Gran Marathon - Huesca

One of the most attractive races in the Pyrenees. Surrounding the Aneto (3,404 meters), the 42km, 28km and 19km races will take place. The success of the last edition in June 2021 makes us think that the 600 participants will live an unforgettable experience under a fantastic landscape.

13th November 2022

Behobia / San Sebastián - Behobia

This race is known by the huge atmosphere growing year by year around this event. You can breathe emotion in every single place of the city. More than 100 years of experience and improvements make this race one of the most wanted. We tell you one thing: if you do it once, you will repeat.

4th December 2022

Valencia Marathon - Valencia

The fourth fastest marathon in the world with a mediterranean winter weather (between 12 and 17 degrees Celsius). It’s a perfect event to give your best. The atmosphere in the emblematic Arts and Sciences Centre makes it even a more special marathon.