KOA Neck Warmer


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Neck warmer for use in cold weather. One size, very adaptable thanks to its elastic fabric. Discover several options for use: as a necklace, headband, hood or hat.

Tubular neck warmer, no side seam, very elastic and long enough to cover mouth and nose. One size, getting a sufficient adjustment without oppression. For use in cold weather.

Very soft, absorbent and highly breathable fabric to help control moisture. Its structure in the central part of the tissue generates layers that provide a high degree of isolation to protect from cold.

Made with seamless technology, so we have removed all side seam and internal tags, to avoid annoying friction in use.
Reference 25304
Activity Running, Trailrunning, Cycling
Composition Polyamide, Elastan, Polypropylene.
Weight 80 gr
User Unisex
Observations Length 30 cm
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