TER Headband


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Headband, one size, very adaptable thanks to its elastic fabric. Ideal both to absorb sweat in summer and to protect your forehead and ears from the cold in winter.

Headband 9 cm wide, very elastic and lightweight, one size that fits all head contours, achieving a sufficient adjustment without oppression.

Ideal for use all year round. Absorbent tissue and with ribbed effects which disperse sweat generated. Headband broad enough to adequately keep the forehead and ears warm in winter.

Made with seamless technology, so we removed all side seams in the garment and internal tags, to avoid annoying friction in use.
Reference 25303
Width 9 cm
Activity Running, Trailrunning, Cycling
Composition 85% Polyamide, 12% Elastan, 3% Polypropylene
Weight 20 gr
User Unisex
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