What should you know about compression tights? Why are there so many runners and athletes wearing tights? Do you want to know how you can benefit from them and what kinds of compression are there? Is there an ideal tight for you?

In this post, you will learn all you need to know about compression tights to do sport. We are going to talk about the following topics:

If you have never run wearing technical tights, we strongly encourage you to give them an opportunity. In contrast to sports pants, tights have some advantages:

• It reduces the risk of injury and provides a better recovery

Compression tights pressure the muscles so that the blood flow is maximized. This way, less oxygen is consumed and the cell membrane recovers faster after the training. Furthermore, they help having a better posture during the activity. WONG tights are manufactured with seamless technology to avoid friction during the activity.

• Less fatigue during the effort

Thanks to the muscular fixation provided by these garments, all kinds of vibration during the training or races are avoided. In sports where we constantly jump such as running, these vibrations on our muscles can be really uncomfortable and create fatigue.

• Sweat removal during the activity

WONG’s technical tights have a high percentage of polypropylene. This material has unique breathable properties and this helps eliminate sweat on the legs quickly. Consequently, the body heat is retained as long as you use them.

• You can bring complements

Whether it is your phone, energy bars, the keys, or the mask… There are lots of objects that we want to bring with us when we go running. Some of the WONG compression tights have either one or two pockets which can easily help save stuff without you even noticing.

When knitting the tights, we use more tensioned yarns to achieve higher compression. There are runners who like feeling more pressure on the muscle to avoid any kind of vibration, but there are also people who like feeling less stretched during the activity. We distinguish between three types of compression:

Light Compression

Tights on this level of compression fit well on the leg but they don’t press that much. With them, the blood flow is slightly improved and they provide maximum comfort since the freedom of movement is high.

Medium Compression

The pressure of these tights is achieved thanks to the use of more tensioned yarns. With them, there is less muscle vibration than with light compression. We recommend this option if it is going to be your first time using this technical garment.

High Compression

To increase the level of oxygen in the blood and have a stronger blood flow, the best option is using high compression tights. This will help you fix better the muscles and recover easily. You just have to feel good wearing them to boost performance. It is about preferences and comfort.

Something really personal is the length of the tights to do sport: there are athletes who need the short ones even if it is winter, and there are other athletes who prefer using the long ones all the time. But do you know all the options? We are now going to tell you about the models offered by WONG for both women and men:

• Mini tights

Unlike the short ones, the mini tights leave a part of the quadriceps zone visible. This is the shortest length.

• Short tights

They are ideal for every season. They cover all the quadriceps zone and the knee is visible. They are by far the most popular, an essential garment for any runner.

• ¾ Tights

This kind of tight partly covers the calves. The knee is not visible but they are flexible and they are extremely comfortable.

• ⅞ Tights

Their length is shorter than long tights and higher than ¾ tights. They cover the calves but don’t quite get to the knee.

• Long tights

Ideal for the winter season. They get to the knees and therefore the heat is kept all over the legs. Since they are flexible, they can adapt to each body and allow full movement.

There are a lot of disciplines where compression tights are important and advantageous. These are the most common ones:

• Running & Trail

Certainly these two sports require a high level of muscular vibration. In order to improve your performance and blood circulation, you can hold your muscles with technical compression tights that also provide comfort.

• Hiking

Although this activity requires less jumping than running does, tights are very useful for long hikes and treks. The comfort provided by compression tights will let you enjoy long routes without frictions nor inconveniences.

• Fitness & Gym

In this physical activities compression takes an important part. The level of compression is something that will be determined by personal preferences to ensure comfort while training.

• Yoga & Pilates

Some sports don’t need rough movements. They’re the perfect occasion to wear light or medium compression garments. You’ll feel free to move however you like.

• Climbing & OCR

Compression garments will become really useful for climbing and overcoming obstacles thanks to their quick sweat evacuation. Also, the fabric is made to be flexible and to accompany your moves.

• Athletics

Sprints, middle-distance, hurdles… All compression garments are good to avoid fatigue due to muscular vibrations.