I’m 25 and I started trial bike when I was 10. I’m passionate about adventure sports such as surf or skiing, and all those where you use wheels. Also, I love to learn new things, especially in the field of audiovisual communication.

All the time I’ve been doing trial bike I’ve been competing internationally. Even so, it was not until 2015 when I made it to the TOP10 of world’s ranking. Since then I’ve managed to be the Catalonia’s and Spain’s champion, to enter the TOP5 in the World’s Cup and more recently I’ve obtained the bronze medal in the Europe’s championship 2018 and the 7th position in the World’s Champion 2018.

Trial biking has been part of my life since I was just a kid and it has not just opened many doors but has made me learn a lot, both from sport and values that help me day by day. In addition, due to the competitions I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet many people from different countries.

For me trial is a way of understanding life, that effort makes you reach your goals, and it won’t always be easy. Understanding everything is not like you want it to be and that there’s always a solution to any problem.

My ‘life motto’ is to find the way of living doing what I love.

Pol Tarrés
Pol Tarrés
Pol Tarrés


Manufactured with seamless technology minimizing all side seams.

Fara Culotte corto
Fara Culotte corto
Fara Culotte corto
PocketsIt has two practical outer pockets in the elastic straps.
FibersThe tight includes different tissue effects where it presents a ribbed frame configuration that facilitates collection and absorption of the sweat.
QualityIt incorporates a high range pad supplied by Dolomiti Pads, developed for medium and long distances, with internal perforated foam of a density of 120 kg/m3.


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