Our Company


We have over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of the best knitted garments, and especially those in direct contact with the skin. With WONG our goal is to develop technical sportswear that provides the right balance of comfort and compression, and facilitate improving your athletic performance.


Our entire product range is designed and manufactured entirely from our headquarters in Barcelona, in the European Union, where we have the best professionals, equipment and infrastructure to meet all the necessary production. This guarantees flexibility, speed and quality so the garment arrives in the best condition to your hands.   




The Fiber we use


Our garments are developed using the best technical fibers you can find in the market, and in general many of them are manufactured with a combination of double weft fabric, combining Polypropylene and Polyamide yarns. This provides garments that have optimal properties for breathability, temperature maintenance and evacuation of sweat, being at the same time flexible, elastic and very soft. Polypropylene is an antibacterial, antiallergic fiber and inhibits body odor.


The combination with elastic yarns provides some of our garments a compression feature, so you will feel them well suited around your body. That will improve your blood flow during exercise and facilitate your recovery, improving your athletic performance.    





Our Technology


Our garments are manufactured with seamless technology, minimizing all side seams to avoid friction in the prolonged use. This technology also allows us to provide different points of tension in the fabric depending on the area of the body that needs more compression, or make frames and special channels in other areas to optimize the transmission and evacuation of sweat. The aim is that you enjoy products that facilitate improving your performance.  


Seamless detail

Seamless detail



Our Shipments


Our products are sold exclusively through this website, our online store; this is the way we can ensure that you get the best price. Shipments are made by parcel services, and every garment is packaged in these nice boxes.


 Wong box 

How you should care your garment


Remember as our garments are made with special technical fibers, you can wash them in the washing machine at low temperature, but do not forget that you should not use the dryer or iron them. So they will last and maintain all its properties.  





Comparative between our Tights


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